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The Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP) is published in print and online by the Global China Press (GCP) biannually in June and December from 2015 .

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There are some free sample copies available. They were edited in 2011, but published and printed in 2013. Click HERE to download the e-version. For a free hard copy please pay for postage HERE. Limited quantities while supplies last. 我们还有一些免费样品,点击这 里下载电子版;如需要印刷版请进入此页面支付邮费。数量有数量有限,赠完为止。

Notes: (1) See different categories of institutional and individual subscriptions in Journal subscription section. (2) If you want to purchase a single copy or single article please visit our online bookshop. 注:(1) 了解不同价位的单位或个人订阅方式请访问期刊订阅。 (2) 如果您向购买单本期刊或单篇文章请访问我们的在线书店

Notes:(1) The membership fees are identical to subscription fees, but if you join us you will have more benefits. (2) Click HERE for details.Your will save £5 if you pay by Direct Debit(see: paying by direct debit). :(1) 会员费与订阅费大体相同,如果您入会将有更多的好处,点击此处了解详情。 (2) 如果直接用借记方式付款您将节省5镑钱(见借记方式付款)。

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